The Benefits of an OwnersChoice Partnership

Enhance your loan offerings with a seamless, all-inclusive mortgage solution.

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A true partnership goes beyond the transaction. That’s why we support our credit union partners by offering the products and services to power a growing mortgage department. We work behind the scenes so you can focus on helping your credit union and its members thrive.

  • Leverage Mortgages to Increase Membership
  • Save Costs & Improve Mortgage Program Efficiency
  • Get Access to Essential Technology & Expertise
  • Unlock Resources to Market Your Mortgages
  • Engage Members & Enhance Customer Service
  • Reduce Operational & Compliance Risks

Partnership Options

A partnership with OwnersChoice goes beyond the transaction. We offer our credit union partners all-inclusive products and services to power their growing mortgage department. Whether you’re seeking access to streamlined lending technology or more hands-on support with loan processing, we offer flexible partnership levels for credit unions of all sizes.

All-Inclusive Mortgages

We take the weight off your loan department by offering a complete, comprehensive solution to mortgages. From application and closing to servicing and marketing, we’ve got you covered.

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